K9 Training

Medical Alert Dogs

Dogs can be used as an early warning system for people of all ages with diabetes. 

The dogs are able to detect when their owners’ blood sugar levels are outside the normal range. 

Detection & Protection

NASDU Detection and General Purpose Handler Courses

Courses are delivered at live venues with real drugs and explosives. 

Bespoke course with or without accreditation to suit your business 

needs can be delivered at your premises.

Wildlife Protection Dogs

This specialist project is a bespoke dog training programme to suit a wildlife conservancy's individual requirements. Dogs can be sourced in-country and trained by one our dog trainers whilst simutaniosly training your K9 handlers. This is a far more sustainable long term strategy. 


Subject Matter Experts

Government,  commercial and private customers world wide. 

Quality Assurance Visit

Following an initial visit, a written report will be provided with advice if necessary on improvements and an ongoing action plan.  

This is to ensure industry standards are maintained.

Consultation on Training and Operational Tasks

Assistance with continuation training or a 

train the trainer programme can be delivered.

Stay in touch for the latest course dates.

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