Wildlife Protection Dogs

Wildlife Protection Dogs Training is a programme that has been developed since 2014 for specialist anti-poaching (tracker) dogs. A successful implementation of the programme could help protect the safety of rangers and wildlife. 

Wildlife Protection Programme

Technical and Cost Proposal

Ideally starting with a initial visit, a written technical and cost proposal for a custom made programme will be discussed and provided. 

Canine specification

A recommendation of the specification of suitable breed type and age as well as consultation on the selection process. 

Kennel Infrastructure

Assistance with sourcing and building a fully integrated kennel system to meet health and safety standards.

Veterinary requirements

Consultation on veterinary requirements on import / export and general animal welfare. 

Kennel management

Kennel management system can be recommended to maximise the efficiency of day-to-day running. 

Dog handler recruitment

Assist in the recruitment process of suitable dog handlers and recommend CPD programme for the existing unit. 


Initial training

Initial training for novice dog and handler teams including options for accreditation. 

Re-team training

Re-team training can be provided for a green dog with an experienced handler or a novice handler with an experienced dog. 

Continuation training

Training and assessment  to meet requirements of national standards.

Qualification and accreditation

Delivery of internationally recognized qualification and accreditation.

One-to-one training

One-to-one training can be delivered to achieve a specific training objective. 


Monthly, quarterly and annual assessments can be carried out for in-house purpose and / or  qualification awarding body standards.  

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