Diabetic Alert Dogs


Why use a Diabetic Alert Dog?

Dogs can be used as an early warning system for people of all ages with diabetes. The dogs are able to detect when their owners’ blood sugar levels are outside the normal range. The dog can be trained to alert by barking, nudging or pawing the owner. A fully trained scent detection dog can assist with the monitoring of diabetes, and should be used in conjunction with existing health care regimes. Diabetic Alert Dogs can also provide emotional security and a sense of balance for individuals and for those who have loved ones with diabetes. They can help you lead a more confident and independent lifestyle.

How to start the process of acquiring a Diabetic Alert Dog?

There are a few things to consider carefully prior to purchasing a dog. It is essential that you discuss your needs and requirements with us so we can make a relevant recommendation. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire in order for us to design a unique approach and appropriate training methods. 

The Training Programme

Once the dog is sourced, we will come to your home and assess it for its suitability (if we haven't already done so already) The dog must be 10 months or older at this stage. We will ask you to collect scent samples ahead of the training start date so they can be used during the six-week training. At the end of the dog training programme, your five-day handler/owner training begins at your home.   During the five days, you will learn to care for your new alert dog including K9 first aid, nutrition advice and simple obedience training such as sit and heel.

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